Prompt Habits of Mind in the Classroom

How to Get Students to Think Harder

See the Big Picture

Build a Culture of Student Exploration

Examine Student Progress and Success

Push for More Raw Material

Establish That Learning Isn’t a Linear Journey

  • Cut the Clutter- Examine the use of horizontal spaces to collect papers and other items. Too often these areas create visual clutter in the room.
  • Eliminate the Front- Find new positions in the rooms to facilitate learning. This allows a fresh perspective and new ways of supporting students.
  • Focus on Hard Work- Double down on language, both verbal and non-verbal, that supports a growth mindset. By valuing hard work and process, students see learning as a journey.
  • Consider Classroom Norms- Review with students the best ways to use spaces throughout the classroom. This helps students rethink space as a learning tool.
  • Eliminate Invisible Items- Be intentional about what remains on the walls. If posters and resources no longer support learning, they may have reached their expiration dates.
  • Think Long-Term- Clear a space for longer-term project work. Until a space is clear, it is often difficult to see the logistics of making projects like these visible.
  • Value Student Feedback- Visualize student feedback in the room by creating a suggestion box. In adding this, student voice is valued. Implement their suggestions when you can to let them know that you care.
  • Celebrate Learning in Images- Add images of students learning to the walls and digital displays. This helps to celebrate the learning process, while visually showcasing the learning behaviors in a modern classroom.
  • Break the Momentum- Make a few adjustments to the floor plan of the room (try some from your suggestion box!). Small changes break inertia and provide a fresh lens to see the possibilities of the space.




Learner, Leader, Dreamer, Pursuer of Happiness, Arsenal Fan, Dad, Author of @spacethebook, Director of Innovative Learning, Supporter of @learningSTL

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Bob Dillon

Bob Dillon

Learner, Leader, Dreamer, Pursuer of Happiness, Arsenal Fan, Dad, Author of @spacethebook, Director of Innovative Learning, Supporter of @learningSTL

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