• Peggy George

    Peggy George

    Retired elementary principal, university teacher educator, former Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar co-host, tech geek, grandma

  • @MCDPEL Innovations Lab

    @MCDPEL Innovations Lab

    The MCiLab is part of @PennGSE's Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Ed Leadership @MCDPEL ~ @edcampldr @parentcamp @backchannelEDU @eduvoxers @periscopeEDU

  • Sean Nash

    Sean Nash

    District Instructional Technology Specialist & Marine Bio teacher. Interested in all things toward a student-centric future. Posts are official only to me.

  • Michelle Spencer

    Michelle Spencer

    Passionate about project-based learning, equity & educational reform. Founder of Clovereducation.com, consultant to schools, districts and edtech companies.

  • Bubba Penas

    Bubba Penas

    Marketing Educator at Papio South

  • Jillian DuBois

    Jillian DuBois

    Elementary Educator from Tampa Bay, FL. Recovering Overthinker. Author • Illustrator • Publisher. Optimistic Originator of Imparted Joy LLC

  • Maestra Ríos

    Maestra Ríos

    M.Ed. Soy inmigrante. Soy profesora de español;ambiciono que nuestro mundo mejore su condición en todos los aspectos; no soporto la injusticia.

  • Leanne O'Sullivan

    Leanne O'Sullivan

    Founder + Creator, http://leanneo.summitschool.com.au

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