In the morning light…

there is a unique quiet that our bodies crave. It is wise when we listen. The noise of the day hasn’t reached our ears, and the burden of the previous day hasn’t realized that we are awake.

In the morning light…there is possibility. Our life isn’t being attacked by our past, our potential unrealized, or our pandering to the social norms that swirl around in the normal parts of the day.

In the morning light…there is a different flavor of air. It can be wet, dense, heavy, airy or sweet. It can feel like a blanket of air that we carve to open the doors to new possibilities. This air fills our lungs differently, and it reminds us that each breathe of life is precious and meant to be used wisely.

In the morning light…our living friends visit. The trees speak. The birds share their unique morning sound, and the other animals that hide in the woods take a step closer to check on us.

In the morning light…the minutes last longer and time is conserved for healing and health. These moments can be lost from living big the previous night, but they can also be found with fresh routines and slowing to notice.

In the morning light…truths about our humanity are clear.

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