Where Student Learn Matters- Part Two

In part one, we looked at the importance of learning space design including benefits in the areas of: welcoming, belonging, stress/anxiety and agency/choice. Part two looks at additional benefits.

The elements in part one and mentioned above are foundational considerations when designing effective learning spaces. These set students up with the best possible conditions for success, but where students learn also allows for additional benefits.

  • Joy- When our mood is joyful, we are primed for noticing, listening, designing and creating. Space can bring us joy. This doesn’t mean that the space is a playground or a fun house, but it is intentional about helping our students find joy. Students, especially students impacted by poverty, experience the pain and trauma of their surroundings in so many environments, school should be an escape from reality. Holding space for joy can be a key for students to showcase their best selves each day. Make joy a priority in implementing your space ideas.

In part three, we will look at practical ways that you can begin this work.

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