Your Home as a Learning Space

As “homeschooling” in mass reaches week one, I’ve been asked by many for my thoughts on how to make your home an optimal space for learning. My first reaction is that my heart is heavy for families taking on this burden especially for families that the stress of life didn’t need any additions. There are so many heroic parents that are trying their best to provide some structure, some learning, and some level of peace in anxious times. Here are a few of my thoughts about how to optimize the home space to make learning a bit more enjoyable and less stressful for all.

  1. Natural light is an amplifier of learning. In many places in the country, it remains too cold to open the windows, but pulling back the window coverings can go a long way to boosting the energy in the house. Looking at nature isn’t as good as going outside, but it does reduce stress and provide additional energy for the learning experience. Try to have your child do their seated work near a window when possible.

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